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  • Front Dining Room

    Main Dining Area

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    Capacity: 12-50

  • a living room filled with furniture and a large window

    The Oasis Lounge

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    Capacity: 12-40

  • a band performing on a counter

    The Last Supper Room

    The "Last Supper Room," is an immersive private dining space. This black, gold, candle laced, and moody Renaissance-inspired haven features a grandiose reinterpretation of "The Last Supper" with pop culture icons indulging in fine dining. The room's art, in vintage black and white, showcases celebrities savoring sumptuous meals, seamlessly merging classic and contemporary aesthetics. 

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    Capacity: Up to 12

  • Flamingo Room

    The Flamingo Room

    This unique fusion of Art Deco grandeur and whimsical flamingo aesthetics features bespoke flamingo collage wallpaper, a custom flamingo chandelier statement piece, and pink luxe flamingo-inspired art. "Flamingo Deco" invites diners to indulge in culinary excellence while immersing themselves in a world where elegance meets eccentricity.

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    Capacity: Up to 12

  • a store in a brick building

    Entire Venue Buyout

    Call: 615-678-6431

    Email, for all inquiries.

    Capacity: 150